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hello Jerry

                yesterday closed MT as per normal , today open MT and it opens ok , but in portfolio the stopstart light flicks in and out of yellow / green with stocks only showing price at opening of MT not updating .close/open program 2x same thing , during startup the login window does not appear ( commsec ) each time i have closed mt the data login window appears briefly ( data from commsec ) last time i opened mt popup window displayed   "" commsec default " .

have gone to commsec website and logged in all ok

so after all that my question is ;;;   how do i open data login window at startup ( commsec )

regardz    tony

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Login - you can go to SETTINGS / Data Sources / Configure Accounts...  Select Commsec.  UN-Check the Save Password checkbox.   Then restart MT.


NOTE however, MT should automatically detect a bad password, if that is the problem. Whatever the problem is, I would like to see the debug files related to it.  If you could do the following, it would help:


  • On the Dashboard, bottom right - change logging level to 100
  • Try logging into Commsec - Repeat an extra time if not sure if it went through the whole process after the logging level was changed
  • go to FILE / Export Settings. 
  • Leave the checkboxes already checked, and also check LOG FILE.
  • Export, 
  • go to C:\Users\<Your Windows Login here>\AppData\Local\2GK\Medved Trader\Temp\Streamers   and zip up all the files who's name starts with "COMMSEC"
  • then email me the exported file and the zipped up commsec files.



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