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Medved Trader Beta Instructions & Symbol Formats

Jerry Medved

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You can download the Medved Trader Install file: MTSetup.exe

You need to register to use it (free), the link (open account) will be on the startup login screen, or https://www.medvedtrader.com/Trader/Reg/register.aspx

ALL Input is welcome. We have already make quite a few changes based on direct end-user input.  If you have any comments, questions, problems, please post here, or email us at support@medvedtrader.com

Though at this point MT is pretty stable, ready for production, if you do get a popup error, PLEASE send it to us.  If you click details, you can RIGHT-Click on the error text and select COPY. then just paste it into email.

Also, please keep an eye out for a red triangle on the left side of the status bar that would show up on portfolio and dashboard windows. If it’s there, that means some error occurred. We would like to see a copy of the log file if that is the case. Easiest way to send the log file is to go to FILE/Export Settings menu.  Leave the default checked boxes, and add also check “LOG FILE”.  Export, then email us the exported file.

NOTE: MT uses its own symbology, though pretty flexible in taking others. 

                [TYPECODE]SYMBOL[:[EXCHANGE[$CURRENCY[*MULTIPLIER]]]]   where stuff in brackets is optional depending on the symbol
                For example, @ESZ15:GLOBEX  or just simply @ESZ15 since MT knows the exchange for most of the common futures symbols.

MT uses the following type codes (prefixes on the symbol).  For those familiar with QuoteTracker, these should be similar to the ones QT used:

Stock = "" (nothing) 
Option =  .
Index =  $
MutFund = _
Future = @
FutureOpt = ^
Warrant = !
Cash = #
Bond = &
Comodity = %
CFD = ~ (not really supported yet)

The SYMBOL portion is also standardized for Futures, Options and CASH (FOREX). 
FOREX:  EUR.USD so a full symbol is #EUR.USD
FUTURES: ESZ15 (Root, Month, 2 digit Year), so a full symbol would be @ESZ15
                where C is C or P (call or Put) and ##000.#### represents the Strike price, were # are optional digits (only if needed) and 0 represents mandatory digits.

For example: AAPL7 Mar 22 2014 515.0 Call would be:

MT symbol format should always be used. MT will then auto convert everything as needed when requesting data from the datafeeds.

Also, MT does automatic defaulting of the exchange for many common symbols. so you can enter either @ESZ15 or @ESZ15:GLOBEX.  Either will work, as long as you don't enter both.

NOTE: Interactive Brokers requires the multiplier to be specified for some symbols where there are two securities with the multiplier being the only distinction.  In that case, you can add *## after the symbol separator, where ## is the multiplier.  For example
DAX futures can have multiplier of 25 (default if not specified) or 5.  This can be entered as

          **** With 25 multiplier
          @DAXZ15  (this is same as @DAXZ15:*25 or @DAXZ15:DTB*25)

          **** With 5 multiplier
          @DAXZ15:*5  (this is same as @DAXZ15:DTB*5)

Jerry Medved
2GK, Inc / Medved Trader

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