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Initial Trading Authentication Password Entry



I currently use the trading authentication option of "Once per session, per account".  So, I get the Trading Authentication password popup window on my first trade of the session.  That little extra amount of time to enter the password (or PIN number) can make a difference in the price I pay for a stock that is moving quickly in price.  So, (for quite a long time) I've been entering a buy limit-order trade in the pre-market well below the current bid so the order won't get processed, but so that the trading authentication password will be entered and applied for the session.....then I just cancel the order.


Would it be reasonable to request an option for the trading authentication password to be entered before the first trade of the session in order to avoid the above situation? (Maybe put it on the trade ticket window, or have an option for the existing trade authentication window to popup when MT is started?  QuoteTracker has the password entry in the trade window, so you can enter it before your first trade of the day.... I miss being able to do something like that.


Thanks for considering this !


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1) note that you don't actually have to place an order. You can just hit BUY or SELL button with an empty trade ticket. That is sufficient


2) if you want less prompts, why don't you select Once Per Session. If you then turn OFF the save password option in the MT Login on startup (you can select FILE / App Login to get to it), then that will count as the password entry.


I did not want to waste space on the trade ticket in for the password field. Plus it is handled significantly differently in MT than in QT.  MT has more security options and QT didn't have any security at all in some situations, like canceling an order or trading via IB.

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