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Combined Indicator issue


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This might be an issue with using YahooFinance as my feed and not with MT...It's really not a big deal but I though you might like to know :

When I link Stochastic with MACD on Historical charts, certain chart symbols skew the MACD EMA lines

...that is, the EMAs print along the bottom of the study pane. If I un-link the indicators the skewing goes away.

(I tried changing the order of the indicators in the properties box but same issue happens)

(This issue happens on some Intraday charts/symbols too) 

This issue does not seem happen when linking Stochastic with PPO , which is almost the same as MACD...


This happens with AMZN and GOOG (both are priced over $600 per share). Also happens with futures symbol @ESZ15 but NOT with @NQZ15 or @YMZ15,

 The issue does not seem to happen with lower priced stocks - I checked several stocks priced up to $220 per share without the issue...

I  haven't tried $300,$400 or $500 etc. priced stocks.


The Amazon charts show what I mean by "MACD EMA lines are Skewed".

The Microsoft and IBM charts below them show  the same chart template but without the "skewing"




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From MT help (I know it is incomplete for now, but it is still useful :)) From Charts/Indicators - Linking section (at bottom)

"The two (or more) indicators linked in this way will show up together and MT will attempt to have them share the same Y axis unless they have very different scales. In that case, the second scale will go on the other side of the chart."

as you can see on some of your pictures there is another scale on the left. On others there is only one scale - on the right. Basically, MT tries to fit the two indicators into a "combined" scale if the two scales are reasonably close. Or it gives each their own scale if they are not close. That also gets complicated by the fact that for MACD the two lines that form the MACD (not the histogram) have their own, "floating" scale...

I will need to adjust it a bit. Maybe flag some indicators (like MACD) that vary wildly in scale that MT should not even try to fit the scales and just always give MACD its own scale.

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Thx Jerry,

I did notice that sometimes both scales would show up. Now I have a better understanding as to why...

I'm also getting a better sense of how difficult it must have been for you to design a program that can handle dual indicators with such diverse scaling.

The way it works now  is very good - more than likely if you change it you'll get more users like me 'complaining' about the change LOL.

I can live with the Stochastic+MACD combination the way it is or I can use Stochastic+PPO instead.


(FWIW -  Other software I use always shows  both scales when MACD is shown with Stochastic in the same study pane...but with their software, it still presents

an issue with the EMA lines sometimes disappearing above or below the study boundaries while the histogram stays contained within the boundaries.)



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I can appreciate that Mike. 

As a user, I find MT very easy to make it do what I want it to do - I don't need to how you made it so...I remember the amount of work done when you added paint bars to QT, which IMO worked fantastic and were very user friendly...Thx

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