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Only partial data after market close


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I'm not sure if this is a MT bug or a problem with the data feed.

To reproduce this bug, make a new entry for a Swiss equity, such as UBSG:VX and use Yahoo Finance as the source.

If you make the entry after the market has closed, only the following fields are written to MT: Last, Chng, Chg%, High, Low, Volume, Prv Cls. If you enter the same ticker during trading hours, all fields will be filled, including Name, 52Lo, 52Hi, MktCap etc.

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it has nothing to do with when you enter stuff.  MT has 2 different ways to get the quotes from Yahoo - reading their HTML page for multi-symbol response, or a comma separated response (we call it API response).  Yahoo seems to disable API response for some symbols or exchanges, particularly non-US.  So we made MT get the HTML quotes for non-US symbols.  HTML page does not have the 52 week High/low and Market Cap.

The difference you saw is between entering UBSG.VX, which MT handles as a US stock since it does not have an MT suffix, and UBSG:VX, which MT knows is not a US symbol 


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