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Ameritrade Login keeps going Idle


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Starting Monday of this week, or 2 Beta versions back, the "AMTD: TD Ameritrade Login"  as shown in the "Sources" section of the Dashboard keeps going idle throughout the trading day.  My trades are going through fine, but when it is idle the Account View Positions don't update and I don't get the Global Trade alert.  I'm having to do a lot of right-clicking on it in the sources to force a Re-Login, and clicking the refresh icon in the Account view window.  Please let me know if you'd like any other information from me.




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Ok, the difference between IDLE and STREAMING is just whether or not there are any symbols subscribed.  note that on the 2nd row, you have 0 in the L1 column. For trading streamer, that is normally 0/1

Please send me log file (same way you did before). I need to see whats going on..  Can't think of the top of my head why that would happen.

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