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Historical charts ribbon and tool bar display options



I am traveling and using my Laptop screen rather than my large office monitor to display Historical charts.  I was wondering if there could be a space saving option to display the  Tool bar (Main, View, Draw Trading and Templates) on the ribbon?  Also when you click on that tool, the tool options could be displayed horizontally rather than vertically below the ribbon.  This will make the chart bigger and hopefully easier to read, especially if you have multiple indicators.

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Note that we have a number of different options with the ribbon toolbar:

1) Always visible....
2) Minimized - so only the tabs are visible and the ribbon itself doesn't show until you click on the tabs.  To get this, double click on one of the tabs.
3) Hidden entirely (Hit F11 or the Show/Hide ribbon button on the chart caption in the QAT (Quick Access Toolbar)

Also, particularly if using Minimized or hidden ribbon, does not mean you can't access the buttons on that ribbon easily. Lets say you use some particular button frequently. Add Indicators for example. Right click on it. Select "Add to Quick Access Toolbar". Now hide the ribbon. note that the button is now in the QAT available for you even when the ribbon is hidden. Same can be done for almost anything on the ribbon. Many people do that for the drawing tools for example.



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