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I use QT as the main quote and chart program hopefully MV trader soon.Back in their heyday there were half a dozen brokers to chose inside QT,now only one.I don't dock anything from QT itself if that is even possible,no need to,but instead of switching all to Ameritrade,docked MBT desktop pro around the QT.Just started both and they clicked into place and together look like one program.MBT Pro say they are building up their Quote Sheet and chart program but havn't looked into it to far yet to see if it stands up to QT.For those with concerns about the quality of data feed it is nice to have two or more platforms running side by side with diff feeds.All possible these days.This is an ideal for me.When MV Trader is avail I would set it up this way and bring this point up to others that have their fav. broker,which in fact changes over time(Trade King and others) to make MV Trader and trading platforms set up together to look as one through docking.This saves me time,brings that much more data,and keeps things secure.Perhaps some open panes in MV Trader sized just for docking your trading window?Can't say how much we thank you here Jerry.


Show us your brokers next to MV Trader!

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