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TKAI Raw Data and Chart Volume


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I think this might be related to the issue I posted last week where the Raw Data stopped displaying.

In this case, the volume in the Raw Data window appears to start showing the volume column as a cumulative total as each trade comes in, rather than just the individual trade volume.  The intraday charts also begin displaying higher volume bars when this happens.....you can see that on the portion of the 15-second chart that is displayed in the screen shot below.

I've emailed you an export file that includes the SDATA file as well as the log file in case any of that helps, and also a short screen capture video of the event.



Please let me know if you need any other information.



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FYI, I'm still getting this same problem every morning.  So, I decided to shut off as much information as I could (AMTD & Yahoo feeds) and just use IQFeed tomorrow morning to see what happens.  After I turned some things off, I shut down MT, deleted the SDATA.bin file and restarted MT to make sure I still get my IQFeed quotes.  However, since I did this during After hours trading, the same error appeared for symbol CWST.  Its showing the total volume since the market close (5,278), rather than the tick volume for each trade:


Here's what my sources looked like at the time.  I guess the "4" under AMTD is for the 4 positions I'm holding....the ones that show in the Positions tab of the account view window.  I have no AMTD portfolios, Level II windows, or charts at all in this setup, yet still get this error (All portfolios and charts are sourced from IQFeed):


I don't think I have anything else I can try from my end.  Please let me know if you would like anything emailed to you.  I've left MT running in case you do.





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