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Symbol entry in watchlists



Hi Jerry,


I am having problems entering new symbols quickly enough in watchlists.


The speed of symbol entry is important when, say, there is breaking news on a stock.


The fastest means of entry at the moment is probably using the "ins" key plus the symbol of the instrument.


However, I find this still takes significantly longer than entering the symbol in a part of the watchlist that is permanently open for symbol entry, a feature which is not included in the MT beta.


I have been trying to figure out a solution with a macro that will send the cursor to MT and key in "ins + symbol", but so far no real success. The loss of speed is only about 1/2 second, but unfortunately that is significant.


Apart from Jerry, I would appreciate input from anyone who recognizes this an issue. Maybe I am just not fast enough. I would be quite happy if I could find a decent solution with a macro.

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the watchlist does have an area showing the symbols and letting you edit them. 


But as far as fast symbol entry, short of mind reading, I don't see how you can cut the time down beyond what it takes to type in the symbol and with our method, you have just one more keystroke. No macro is going to know what symbol you want, and you would still have to hit a key or move a mouse to initiate the macro, so I really don't see how you can get any faster.

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