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Two bugs, data gaps and minimized charts that aren't


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Using MT 1.0.1558.2325.


1.  gaps in intraday charts...example:  MYL missing these days: 12/16, 12/20, 12/24, 12/27, 1/03, 1/08(partial).  TRIP missing these days:  12/17, 12/20, 12/23.  Tried many times to backfil using IB data, TDA data, Smart Source (whatever that is?).  No luck.  I tried clearing the data for past 5 days, then backfilling...this filled the missing days.  But I don't want to clear ALL the data, and lose some of it.  I think MT could use a way to clear more than just 5 days at a time(10 days, 15 days, etc...).  And why is this occurring, I'm not having this data gap problem in QT using the same data sources, nor in TWS.


2.  minimized charts won't stay where they are parked.  In a futile effort to remember which minimized charts are which, I'm parking them in specific locations at the top of the screen.  But when I restart QT, the minimized charts are always opened and spread across the screen. 


I hope you can someday figure out a way to put some identifying text in the minimized box, so like in QT, it'll be easy to minimize a chart and still be able to identify it.  So far, in MT, I've found it impossible to manage the screen the way I can in QT.



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Backfill for the symbols you mentioned - the issue would be data specific. Can you please go to FILE/ Export Settings menu.   Leave all the "Settings" checked. Un-Check "Layouts and Templates" and check the "Quote Data" 


Then send me the exported file.


Minimizing location - will look. However, please  note that MT has a few options for window management that QT did not.  You can see the list of windows on the Dashboard and bring any one of them up by double clicking on it. Or multiple by highlighting, then right clicking and selecting the Bring To Front option.  It also has an option to have all charts have their own task bar icon.  If you do that, Windows will basically manage the icons.  If you have the task bar set to consolidate, you would be able to just click on one icon and get a list of windows with full names.  Or if you don't have it set to consolidate, you can make the task bar show a couple lines and have all the icons there visible at the same time


There is nothing we can do about the text visible on minimized icons other than what has already been done.

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I checked with the files you sent me.  Using TDA backfill, all the missing days filled in. This might be due to changes we made since you originally posted, or due to the wrong backfill source being used.... If you use TDA, you can backfill up to 60 days. If you use IB, you can backfill 5.  So IB would not have been able to fill in the days in December since you were doing it during the 2nd week in January


As for "Smart Source Selector", that is the default source - if that is selected, then MT decides which source to use based on what sources you have configured, what sources are currently active, and what portfolio you may already have the symbol in. So for example, if you have futures in a portfolio window with IB as a source and stocks in a portfolio with TDA as a source and you open a Futures chart (one that is in the IB portfolio), MT will backfill using IB.  Where as if you open a chart on a symbol in a stock portfolio, it will use TDA.

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