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Trend Line Mapping/Moving Error


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I'm now recently noticing (this week) on several occasions than when plotting trendlines on an intraday chart (1 minute freq) some of the lines seem to be drawn to lock in on nearby points rather than the exact cursor position. Also when a trend line is duplicated and/or moved to a nearby location, the line shifts and appears to remap to alternate non parallel points different from the original line or position/angle.

On less frequent occasions, trend lines stop mapping, in that I can start drawing a line, but the endpoint won't lock and the line disappears. When this happens, I have to restart the program.

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1) do you have snap to candles turned on?

2) I think this issue is when moving lines even if snap to candles is NOT turned on (that part definitely needs to be fixed  - just recreated)

3) not drawing - if that happens, send me the log right away and indicate which chart/symbol that was happening on. Usually there would be internal errors in the log:


  • Go to FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio)

  • And add the email subject or the Post URL in the comment
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