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Trend line in an indicator panel


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I'm on the latest release: v 1.1.3400.531 x64 .  About two releases ago, trendlines began to not draw properly when place within an indicator panel.  After the mouse button is released, the drawn trendline will rotate 30 degrees or so, or the entire line will move vertically.  I have 3 indicator panels active on the price chart, and the issue manifests on all of them, regardless of the timeframe.  Holding down the Shift button does not prevent the issue on horizontal trendlines.

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That did it.  Thanks Jerry!  btw, I had been getting auto updates in the past, but don't recall being auto notified of the latest ones.  I'm not seeing any app settings where it's possible to turn off or on the check for auto update, other than the Show Beta Versions When Checking for Updates.

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