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Real-Time Scanner - Released in BETA!

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Just released the Real-time market scanner in beta:

Can view online help by hitting F1 in the program and search for "Scanning" or go to this URL for the online version:


We included a few scans/Paintbars to get you started. Those should help to see how things work. We will be adding others.

If you get stuck trying to get some particular scan implemented, PLEASE ask us - we will help get it working.

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In Simple mode, the rules are evaluated top, down so for example, you can do 

if A < 10 stop

if % change < 5... triggeralert, set scan result, etc

so if first condition is less than 10 it will never go to 2nd, and that would be the same as what you want

in Advanced mode, you can just do if (a < b and c > d) ... 


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