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Phantom candlesticks are back


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Today, Sunday 19th Jan, when I bring up a daily bar chart of a stock symbol there is an extra bar on the chart...next to Fridays (17 Jan) bar.  I'm seeing it in most charts that I bring up, but not all.  It's always an extra long range candlestick, colored yellow instead of green or red.  It's dated 1-19-14.

It seems to me that this is only occurring on the weekend, and I don't recall seeing this problem during the week, but it occurred in the recent past...probably last weekend.


I don't see a way to attach example charts, so here are two zippyshare links to them:






I remember the same problem with QT.  I'm using IB and TDA datafeeds.




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In the portfolio: 

VRX: Last 137.93  Open 111.93 High (blank)  Low (blank) Date 1-19-14  Time 19:23:07  Prev Close 137.93

GNC: Last  53.09  Open   58.43 High (blank)  Low (blank) Date 1-19-14  Time 19:23:05  Prev Close 53.09


There is no Close column, although I really wish there was a Close (of the regular session) column.



In the Data Box:  OHLC

VRX: 111.93,137.93,137.93,137.93  1-19-14.  No volume, no time (daily bar/candlestick)

GNC: 58.43,53.09,53.09,53.09    1-19-14.   No volume, no time


I checked 1 min charts of these symbols, they show charts for Friday 1-17-14 and nothing for Sunday 1-19-14.  I also checked Raw Data, but there was nothing for Sunday 1-19-14.



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