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It seems trendline alerts aren't triggering correctly.  It looks like they are being triggered out on the extension of the line instead of where the current bar intersects the line.  In the attached screenshot I was alerted but price never hit the line although you can see the extension did.


Trendline Alert.PNG

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I am not quite following. In the chart, I don't see any price cross the line. However, note that the alert can be set to trigger based on bid, ask or last, so if bid/ask, you might not see it actually cross.  Also, the cross must occur after the alert is added. So if you draw the alert line and it already crosses the line at the time it is drawn, that will not trigger the alert.

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only other thing I can think of is if there were spikes that got filtered.  If you turn off spike filtering, do you see it at the point the alert is crossed? (SETTINGS / CHARTS / SPIKE FILTERING)

If not, I would need to see the log and the data to see what the problem is. Next time you see this happen, please do the following: 

go to FILE / Export/Backup menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio)
Select “To share with others” export file protection option on top right
Make sure all the SETTINGS checkboxes are checked, and also check LOG FILE and QUOTE DATA.


DO NOT email that file. It will be too big
. Instead, send it to me using something like Google Drive, Dropbox, or you can upload it using http://www.wetransfer.com


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