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Amibroker RT Data Error for Index


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Hi Jerry,

Yesterday I switched from MT version 1.1.5000.0255 to a newer version (I believe 1.1.5400.0249). The data source is TD Ameritrade. In Amibroker RT Window I was getting the following values for $ADV, $DECL and $SPX.X: 1.00, 1.00, and 2.00 respectively. All three symbols had actual values in excess of 1000. The Medved Trader data was displayed correctly for all three symbols. I restarted the software but there was no change. Today morning after market open was the same issue. Finally I uninstalled MT and installed the prior MT version of  1.1.5000.0255. Now everything is working correctly. I use Amibroker version 6.00.2.
Thank you.
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