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Wishlist for DOM




So I m using a lot the DOM and it works good. Here is a list of customisation that would be nice to see :

  • being able to customise DOM color sets
  • being able to define default order types for click above/below the price (I use keyboard short cut now)
  • I d see the order type panel above or below the quantity panel
  • being able to change font family

So nothing I could not trade without, but if you were working around those features, these would be nice improvements.



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color sets - you can choose from a few on the VIEW tab. If you want some other, if you have an example, let us know - we can create another. User configuration of the color set is problematic.

Font Family - that is part of the color sets. same stuff applies. 

Custom order type stuff - y, we plan to add that.

order type panel above or below the QTY tabs - that really isn't the level of customization we are planning for. I can just change it - right now we have it at the top. Is it more common with others to have it below? all the others? 

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thanks for the answer.

for the DOM bold version is nice too, here is a light version of it, quite classic, if possible, else i will use bold theme:


clear background: #f0f0f0
current price: font #000000, bg : #ffff00
ask: lower: #0000c6, upper: #b5e3f8, volume: #0032ff, 
bid: lower: #ffd8d8, upper: #ac0000, volume: #ea0000, 
prices: font: #ffffff , bg: #2f2f2f
grid: #a9a9a9
volumes: font: #30008b, bg: #d3d3d3, bar: #1e90e5
family font: tahoma
For the order panel I just would see QTY and order type together rather than separated by other panels. This way user will have information on top, then action panels with QTY / order type, flatten / recenter / reverse. If thinking in term of flow, I d say defining the order type would come before QTY 'ORDER QTY @ PRICE'
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