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Dedicated Arrow in drawing tools



Hi, I am not sure how hard it would be to implement,but I would really like to see a dedicated arrow

tool as part of the drawings tools. I happen to use arrows a lot and it is currently a 4 step process

to turn a standard line into an arrow, by the time I create the line, choose the direction  of the arrow

choose a different colour from my trendline, choose a different thickness etc. If I had a dedicated

arrow tool I could set the defaults different from my trendlines so it would be a one step process.

Also is there a possibility of using simple hotkeys such as" L" for line and "A "for arrow to access

these? or putting them on a right click menu ? That would make switching between tools faster than

grabbing them off the quick access bar


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Hi, thanks for that I didn't realize it was an option. It makes drawing arrows sooooo much quicker? and of course eliminates

the need for a hot key or right click. Once in place a quick right click to change the colour and I'm there. I was having problems

trying to decide which option to choose to place the arrow head when I modified the line, but this option always puts it at the end.

I never want it anywhere else so that is great.

Occasionally I feel a bit guilty about asking for small details that probably don't seem important when you are trying to get the main

features of the program up and running, but I am realizing that many of the features I want may already exist, it's just a matter of knowing about them....

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