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Gravestone and Dragonfly Doji Paintbar

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My attempt at finding Gravestone and Dragonfly Doji.

The wick length of the upper and lower candlestick is in cents and can be changed by the user when setting up the paintbar to better fit the instrument they are trading.  


Starts out at 0.03 cents and can currently go down to 0.001 or up to 2 for the wick length. (Feel free to edit in paintbar editor for your needs)

In the example 0.03 means it will find anything longer than 0.03, but not less than.



Download Paintbar:



Feel free to edit or change to your needs.

If you have a great paintbar please post it.  I like learning from them.




Edited by L W

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Nice one there. In general, I find that candlestick patterns are not well defined in the literature, and some are definitely of the "you'll recognize it when you see it" variety with very vague terms.

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