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  1. One way I do it. You can draw a horizontal line then right click the line and put the price in that way. Another way is to put a Horizontal Line Indicator on the chart and set one to High and another to Low.
  2. L W


    Hi. Jerry's answer is here:
  3. L W

    VIX Futures Quote

    I get @VX also. It does not backfill, but does work while MT is running.
  4. On a intraday chart go to View/Options/ make sure Bid/Ask lines is checked marked. LW
  5. On chart. VIEW/OPTIONS/Indicator Legends will remove them.
  6. Thanks Jerry. Had not checked my email this morning when I posted this. After checking I do have an email from Medved Trader Support. It's all good. Have a great day!
  7. Using current beta. Got an upgrade alert this morning to production version and got this error. I'm on Win 7 64 bit. Anyone getting this?
  8. Here's an image of it firing on WMB today on 1 min chart. Oct 20, 2020. Scanner set to go off also when it happens. Does not work great in choppy markets.
  9. Reading all the post here this is what I came up with. You want: SLOWST_Line > 20 and < 50 SLOWST_Line and SLOWST_Signal higher than bar before current bar. Volume_Bar > Volume_EMA and lets make the current bar higher than last bar. Here is what I get running on 1 minute chart for testing. Export of file that you can import to scanner. SS20_50.PBExport This is done in Advance Editor. I always start out in simple then move to advance. If I'm off base here then it should be easy for you to make changes by using the Var Names. LW
  10. Under Alerts/Notification/ there is "When Cleared, restart after: _______ Minutes. Default is Immediate, Some I set to X minutes so they don't go off as much.
  11. Thanks Jerry for sending message to TDA. All working normal again. Even got the BENZINGA news for SPY again.
  12. Symbol SPY is the one I'm looking at now. I normally get the streaming news on that one.
  13. The last news I got from TDA was on 09/29/2020. As far as I know I have not changed anything. I was wondering before I start digging to deep if anyone else has the same problem? I do not see streaming news on TDA website for $0.00 anymore. LW
  14. On Chart go to VIEW/OPTIONS and click Indicator Legends. LW
  15. NASDAQ-100 Symbol List -August 30, 2020 (103 stocks issued by 100 companies) atvi adbe amd alxn algn goog googl amzn amgn adi anss aapl amat asml adsk adp bidu biib bmrn bkng avgo cdns cdw cern chtr chkp ctas csco ctxs ctsh cmcsa cprt cost csx dxcm docu dltr ebay ea exc expe fb fast fisv fox foxa gild idxx ilmn incy intc intu isrg jd klac lrcx lbtya lbtyk lulu mar mxim meli mchp mu msft mrna mdlz mnst ntes nflx nvda nxpi orly pcar payx pypl pep pdd qcom regn rost sgen siri swks splk sbux snps tmus ttwo tsla txn khc tcom ulta vrsn vrsk vrtx wba wdc wday xel xlnx zm
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