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Binance chart trading on IOTA.BTC and DGD.BTC fail for insufficient GTC coin ??


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When trying to place an order on IOTA.BTC pair and DGD.ETH pair from the charts, I get an insuficient GTC  error message... (i dont own GTC or even introduced GTC pair in my portfolio).

In the order confirm popup window, I also have the corresponding amount translated into GTC instead of USD or one of 2 paired coin.

What am I doing wrong ?

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I think you are misreading something. The order description is :
BUY 10 #IOTA.BTC at LIMIT of 0.0002 GTC

(GTC means good till cancel)

and the error message you are getting is "Insufficient Balance", followed by the order description, which looks like:
BUY 600 #DGD.ETH at LIMIT of 0.3552 GTC

so it is correct

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Actually, I understand why I got it wrong :

When I want to pass an order on DGD.BTC pair in Chart trading I get the confirmation window jsut before pasing the order saying :

"Estimated value of the order is $0.1", for example, but actually it is a BTC value that is stated. 

The message should then say : Estimated value of the order is BTC 0.1, or estimate the value in $ depending on where the order is placed.

Is there a way to get this estimation in the confirmation window? Or just to correct the misleading $ sign ?

Thanks for your reactivity.





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