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Timeframe issue for e-mini futures

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I think I'm having an issue with Timeframes on intraday charts -- Should an open intraday chart retain the Timeframe per symbol? I seem to remember that a timeframe, once selected for a symbol was "remembered" for that symbol... I downloaded Version 1.1.4600.2050 x64 today. My Intraday & Historical Backfill Source is Gain Capital Futures. 

My charts are linked to a portfolio with e-mini futures symbols @ESH8, @NQH8 and @YMH8. I've selected the CME Globex and set it as default via Application Settings/Charts/Timeframes.(The CBOT YM Mini-Dow Timeframe is used for @YMH8 on the chart). 

  When I switch to any of the above symbols, the Historical chart is fine but the Timeframe on the intraday chart  switches to US Equity Markets...I've tried all the Extended Hours choices, tried other Timeframes, tried Smart Source as default and tried making a User Defined Timeframe & set as default. Also tried the Auto Backfill check boxes, closing/restarting MT each time, etc. etc.

Am I missing something or is it due to Gain Capital's feed? It's not that big a deal, it just involves some extra clicks each time a symbol is changed.

Timeframe issue.jpg

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