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Column chooser names - Clarification of volatility names as used in MT

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Request clarification of column names in MT as I've heard historical volatility, implied volatility, implied volatility percentile, and implied volatility rank mentioned multiple times  on various options trading sites. 

1. In MT, a choice of a column name from the column chooser in an options chain is Vol.

Is this implied volatility or historical volatility?

2. In my  portfolio list of symbols, I have a choice of a column name from the column chooser of Vol %.  

Is this percentile volatility for equities ?  (It looks like volatility percentile .)

3. Is an implied volatility rank (IVR from tastytrade) available in MT? 

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1) the "Vol" column is short for "Volume" not volatility. If you were to make the column wider, it would show the full name
2) Vol % is Volume %, which is current volume relative to average volume.
3) IVR is not available. 

MT does have a volatility column that for options is Implied Volatility. For stocks, it is whatever the datafeeds return - MT just shows.

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