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MT Stuck in an Error Loop

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Hi guys,

Former QT user doing some extensive testing/playing with MT since yesterday.  Really like it so far!

However, I am stuck in an Error Loop of some sort in MT, and was forced to kill task.  However, upon re-start of MT, I'm still stuck in this loop.  Help!

Here's the repetitive MT error I'm getting, and it's definitely emanating from the Portfolio window:


Now for some context:

I have limited space on my C drive currently (about 12 GB left, after MT was installed), so I initially installed MT on my D drive yesterday.  I realize (from reading another post) that MT stores a lot of stuff in c:\users subfolders, but in Settings, I switched 2 areas of configuration, the backup directory and the User Save Path to both be d:\medved on my D drive, to minimize (in my eyes) the amount of space consumed on my C drive.

I created a portfolio yesterday that has about 1,000 symbols in it, and it is this active portfolio that is generating the error message above.

Everything was running great last night - I was running Scans on this portfolio against a TD Ameritrade data source, have configured an IB trading source, etc.

The sequence of actions that seem to have created this error that I can't get out of (when I hit the Close button on the error, it keeps re-appearing) was:

1) Stopped a scan on the portfolio I was running;

2) Shrunk the size of my portfolio window;

3) Right-clicked on a symbol in my portfolio to create an Intraday Chart for this symbol;

And them this repetitive error came.

Any ideas here?  Thanks in advance.

P.S.   After writing up this post, I clicked to close the most recent error message box, and the repetitive errors stopped, and I have regained access to MT.

P.P.S.  I just Emailed over Error Log, that included Quote Data and News data - it's a big file, but I figured I'd send the works.


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Addition of mention of Sending Log File
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did not receive the logs and do not need the data.  Instead of email, Go to FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio)
And add the Post URL in the comment.  Do not check any check-boxes.

Most likely - ran out of space - Only way to move the location where MT stores the data is to move the Windows USERS folders.

Will know more once I get the log


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After this error stopped displaying, I went into Settings and noticed that both the Backup Settings and the User Save Path both reverted back to the default locations that were specified after initial install, under the C:\users subdirectory.  I'm going to leave them at these defaults, and see if problem persists.  If it does, I'll report back.  Additionally, I looked at the Error Log and saw a lot of references to error accessing "C:\Medved\......", where my User Path config was set to "D:\Medved".  Maybe therein lies the issue.

Perhaps MT is ignoring the drive prefix???

I sent log file over per your above request.


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