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Keeping Sub-Totals with no symbols



Hi there, 

I was wondering if there could be an option to keep the Sub-Total label on a watchlist after all symbols have been removed from it. The reason for this is, sometimes my watchlist will not always contain a set of symbols that fit every individual label at the given time. That doesn't mean I don't want the label there, I just don't have any symbols that fit that particular label at the current time.

So for example, attached is a partial screenshot of a watchlist I have on Medved Trader (medved 1). This shows four different Sub-Totals, where each is labelled based on a particular stock pattern that I scan for on a daily basis. Not everyday will there be an opportunity to have a "Bullish-divergence" stock show up, for example, but that doesn't mean I want the label to go away after I remove the symbol "GSS" from that list (GSS is no longer a Bullish-divergence play, I've just had it on there for many weeks now in order to keep the Sub-Total label active).

I was just wondering, if there could be perhaps a checkbox under Application / Appearance where you can mark a box that says "Keep Sub-Totals with no symbols". Although this may present the problem of removing the Sub-Total once you don't need it anymore (as clicking on it and pressing delete does not work I do not think).

Thank you for reading


medved 1.png

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