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Indicators with Parameters 100x normal amount

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I updated my Medved to the newest version (8275) and am having problems when it comes to adding indicators to the chart, noticeably the MACD, MA, and OBV (those were some of the only ones I tested, it seems all of them have the same problem for some reason). The Moving averages or indicator line thickness values are all 100x the normal amount (i.e. before i updated, i had a SMA(20) and SMA(50) drawn on my chart. After update, it became SMA(20) and SMA(5000) for some reason. I was able to fix that).

Here's what the intraday chart looked like after update, for example, just to get a glimpse (it's normally an EMA(200)). It's 100x too large:

Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but the reason this was problematic was because with the MACD, OBV indicators it wouldn't let me change the values to something smaller, it just kept popping up the same error that the technical indicator doesnt have the correct value and i should contact medved trader support to fix the issue or something.


I don't know what exactly I did honestly, but the issue sorted itself out automatically. Like, i had stored layouts and when I initially clicked on them they were all messed up with the 100x value bug, but now they're all fine for some reason (working as originally intended without me changing the values back down by a factor of 100). I just wanted to bring this up in case this issue may pop back up sometime in the future.


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Forgot to mention this was the BETA version of MedVed Trader
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your settings are corrupt. We changed the way the settings are stored in a recent MT version. MT does an update normally, but if you then go back to an older version, things get messed up, and that is what you did. 

you want to make sure that you are running the latest version. Then you want to:

1) restore the settings from before the issue started
2) delete the quote data, since that is messed up as well.

I will email you about #2

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Hi Jerry,

I just updated my Medved trader to the newest version 1.1.8350, but now when I open it, none of the settings are being imported into it (it's as if medved trader was hard reset - no portfolios, no charts, no color sets are appearing when i open it. Just the Medved trader dashboard.


EDIT: I did do the thing you requested in the email, about clearing the quote data.

EDIT2: Actually the color sets do appear there. That's weird. But none of the charts/portfolios

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Hey Jerry, I've been getting this issue to come up again. I've tried restoring from the oldest backup, as well as deleting the quote data,  but it is not working to get rid of the issue. Everytime i update MT some of my indicators / drawing tools get this 100x problem. Some of them I can go in and fix by right clicking and editing the parameter values, but others it just pops up an error (i.e. Fibonacci retracement won't let me change the messed up values).

If I were to reinstall medved, is there anyway I can save my layout/chart annotation data and back it up to the new installation? How could i do that?

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the issue is not the quote data. The issue is that you updated MT from old version to a newer one and then went back to older version. That messed up the settings. Your best bet would be to restore from backup to the last time you did not have the issue. Otherwise, best to just delete all settings and start from scratch. I do have settings from Aug 29 for you from when you sent the logs. Can send that to you if needed.

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