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Portfolio Page not showing showing Price change amt Change, Volume and Volume percent


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I am using TD Ameritrade quotes.  I opened Meded Trader this morning after the open for an hour and then signed off.  I again opened Trader at 10:15 PM  eastern time and the portfolio page with 76 entries had 17 lines without Price change amount, Volume and Volume percent fields populated.

This occurred on the Last 2 beta versions including the latest 1.1.8350.3 x64.


Change should be -5.35. Volume should be  1.4 M


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just recreated and fixed. Had to do with our kludge for TD Ameritrade not resetting volume/change in the morning till first trade. was kicking in at wrong time if late at night. 

Assuming you are using the latest beta, select FILE / HELP => Check for updates. Let MT update all files, then restart MT, even if nothing was updated.

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