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Stock Float column & Space bar tab



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I'd also like to recommend "using the space bar to scroll the symbol list".  I use this feature in TC2000  and it's very useful when you have a long list of symbols and want to flip the charts quickly.  In TC2000, when you hit the space bar the next chart comes up almost instantaneously.  I'm not sure how they accomplish this but it feels almost like the charts are pre-loaded.

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TC2000 DOES have the data pre-loaded. If you backfill the charts first in MT, then turn off backfill and just switch through them, it will be quick too (linked charts)


space bar to change symbols in the chart is problem because MT can have multiple portfolios/WatchLists open at the same time, so determining the next symbol is a problem. And even if I pick one portfolio, what if it is sorted by some column that frequently changes.  What order do I go through? original symbol order in the portfolio? Displayed order? alphabetical?  TC doesn't have that problem because they don't sort.


Note that you can open a link chart, click on first symbol in portfolio (which is also linked with same color) and then just hit DOWN arrow to scroll through the charts.


Let me know your thoughts on the above stuff

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