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Good morning!

I have been having issues for awhile now, with SPX options calendar leaving out many dates.  It's sporadic on which dates are missing though.

Since I like to trade weekly options from time to time, it's becoming a problem.

I can see all the dates on my phone with TD's mobile app, and also in Think or Swim (which I hate...) but not in MT.




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So I decided to try other data sources, and the option chain is still the same regardless.  I'm not sure why.

Also, since I'm sticking with your platform, I signed up for the year.  I really don't want to go through moving to another broker so...

Any ideas on why weekly calendar for SPX is missing dates?  I do like to trade "last day" or next day expiry, especially in volatility (as now).

If I put in the symbol manually, such as .spxw_181114P2690 in the portfolio list, it'll track it fine.  It's much easier to watch and track strike / price in the option chain real time though.  The option chain real time with the chain updating is one of the main features I use in the program to trade.

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Ok, didn't know that (refresh).  I thought it did it automatically when connecting to another source.  So, using Yahoo (since it's free and I don't have another feed besides TD) and refreshing, the dates populate.

So as you said, it's a TD problem.  Maybe I will end up switching after all...

Thanks.  I see you still never sleep...

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