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Problems after Windows 8.1 install


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MT worked fine on my HP desktop with Windows Vista.


On Sunday I upgraded to Windows 8.1, a clean installation, and installed MT from a backup.


Everything worked yesterday after all that happened.  

Today, Windows downloaded 37 updates, and now MT takes 2 minutes to load, then comes up with an error window "Registered Window Count doesn't match layout window count".


If I click ignore, and proceed to open charts, they take forever to open or close, and MT is generally slow to respond.


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Thanks Jerry.

I've now excluded MT folders from windows security scans, but the problem persists.

Have tried to run MT in various windows compatibility modes, also doesn't work.

Neither has shutting down, rebooting, nor updating MT.

Went to do a system restore, but it tells me just about everything installed post the 8.1 install will disappear, including MT, so I am loathe to do that.

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I know it is not a general Win 8 issue.  


Microsoft Security Essentials is definitely causing the problem right now - confirmed by a few people.


As for others, it is possible, but I cannot give specifics. 


First, instead of trying to exclude, try disabling the various security related programs and see if it fixes the problem. Once you identify which one is the cause, then can see what can be done short of disabling

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