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sluggish operation with last update


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since update to ver 1.0.1986.1931 every thing is very sluggish . also on 2-25 all quotes and chart stopped updating at 15:01,2-26 it stopped updating all symbols with no quanity or open chart at 10:04 and allothers at 14:40. today only symbols with quanity or charts open are updating , all others are still stuck at 10:04 . I have disabled MSE and rebooted computer and reloaded MT. I am using ameritrade for source


An unrelated issue, when adding cash to a portfolio it skews some of the totals as it has a zero cost basis


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Sluggish - is it sluggish even if quotes are stopped or only with quotes running?


We do have an update that will deal with a performance issue, though don't know if that is the one you are having.  will email you


Data stuck - does the button say STOP or START on the portfolio window?


CASH _ what columns are having the issue? Could you email me the settings and tell me the specific values that I should look at?

go to FILE / Export Settings. 

Leave the checkboxes already checked, 

Export, then email me the exported file please.





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