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Friday 7/12 Trading Session Ends at 13:15 PDT instead of 14:00 PDT for ES,MES,YM,NQ


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I noticed for some reason the Friday 7/12 trading session for the future index funds I listed ended at 13:15PDT, and does not have the 2nd remaining session of 13:30PDT-14:00PDT.

I tried clearing the data, but it refills the same way. I waited until the Sunday Globex session started to see if that would make a difference, but it hasn't.

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it was just a display issue - the data was fine. so as long as you got the new version, charts should show correctly (and going forward). If you see a problem with the new version, most likely there is a data issue. That would be something separate. If you do still have some issue with the new version, please give details

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What I'm seeing is for some reason, Friday saved data doesn't show the extended session and ends at 13:15PDT. The other days show the extended session and only Fridays are truncated. I've checked my past data and it appears every Friday has data stopped at 13:15PDT rather than 14:00PDT. I use IB and Ameritrade as my datafeeds for the quarterly and continuous ES/Index Futures contracts and the Friday extended session truncation shows with both data sets.

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