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A Few Issues

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I spent some more time with MT and found the following "possible" issues:


1.) The "Previous Volume" data is not showing on portfolios with IQFeed as the data vendor.  It appears to be available per their API list of "Data Fields Available" (http://www.iqfeed.net/dev/).  It does work on their DDE spreadsheets.


2.)  This one is more of an annoyance....on portfolios when you enter symbols on the window that pops up, you have to immediately press the enter key for those new symbols to be added to the portfolio.  If you enter some symbols and then click anywhere outside of that popup window, the symbols are lost and you have to re-enter them.  So, if I do something that I normally do (enter some symbols, click a Trade-Ideas window to scroll through some alerts to see if there are more symbols that I want to add, I've lost what I initially entered in because I didn't press the enter key.)  I like that it adds the new symbols as soon as I press the enter key, but it would be nice if the window would stay there until I'm done entering in symbols when I click outside of that popup window....or somehow not lose what I've already typed in.)


3.)  This has to do with switching between applications, like going back and forth between MT and a browser.  In the "Application/General" settings, I do not have either the "Separate Task Bar Icon for Portfolios" or the "Separate Task Bar Icon for Child Windows" options turned on. (So, I only have one MT Icon showing in the task bar.)  Normally, if I click a browser icon in the task bar and then click the MT icon, it goes back to MT immediately, no problems.  However, If I minimize one of the MT windows (usually a chart in my case), click a browser icon, and then click the MT icon, MT does not come back right away....in fact it hangs and I have the click the MT icon several times before it will come back. (After this initial hang, I can go back and forth between a browser and MT without issue, unless I again minimize one of the MT windows.)


4.)  This might be related to #3 above.  If you minimize the dashboard, click another MT window (like a portfolio), now click a browser icon, then click the MT icon, MT comes back immediately, but the last MT window you had clicked (the portfolio in this example) is missing.  (After about 1 second the dashboard that I had minimized comes back up.  I click the MT icon again and the dashboard minimizes itself.  I click the MT icon once more and the portfolio window that had disappeared, now reappears.


Please let me know if you need further clarification on any of this.





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1) Prev Volume - seems to be an oversight. will check 


2) the add symbol popup - best I can do there is to have it accept the input instead of discarding it when you click off the window.  However the window does have to close.


3) actually, I am pretty sure that the settings window does have a separate icon on the task bar.


3 and 4) this quirks you are seeing here are because I had to do custom window management for MT in order to allow each window to run in its own thread. Windows default window handling works only if all windows are within the same UI thread (most applications). Without the custom stuff, it would act as if every MT window is its own application without any ties to the other windows (like if you click on one, all come to the front)


Will see if I can tweak that stuff a bit. Its complicated :(

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