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Level II and Raw Data windows size and location issue


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Build 1.0.2053.2256


I noticed that once I set the size and location (and edited parameters) of the Level II or Raw Data windows for a stock symbol in the portfolio list, they are specific only to that symbol -- instead of becoming a new global setting for all the symbols as they are in QT. Meaning, after setting them the way I want to appear on screen for one symbol, they will always appear in that size and location for that symbol, but when I add a new symbol it shows them in the original MT default size and location. I've tried this with several symbols and I can create a different situation for each one that the app will then remember from that point on for that particualr symbol. Of course that's not what I want, as I need to be able to just set this once the way I want it and forget about it... and have the new symbols I add then show up in Level II and Raw Data in my chosen size and location.


Setting and linking still seems to work OK. As once linked, all the symbols that I scroll through show up as the desired size/ location of Level II and Raw Data that I've set for that particuar symbol I start with.  


I also encountered a bug alert while opening and closing the Level II, and I'll send the log file on to you in an email.


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Looks like I'm not understanding... I see a "set as default" on the Level II window, but it has no effect in resetting all the windows to the size and location of that one, and I don't see that choice shown on the Raw Data window. So maybe I need to "reset all", but not finding that option under settings. (?) Thanks.

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Thanks, found it on both and selected "set as default" from the default menu, but still nothing. It's not becoming a default setting for other symbols that I bring up Level II or Raw Data on, and if I try with a new symbol I add to the list it shows the L II and RD windows in the original MT default location.

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