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Trend Lines and Annotations disappearing on linked Historical Charts


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I draw a trendline or Annotation on a linked Historical chart. I click on another linked symbol and then click on the original symbol and the trendline or annotation is there just as you would expect.

If you then click on the X in the upper right corner (Usually by mistake) of that linked historical chart and then move the cursor over the bid on the portfolio page to display  that same historical chart of that symbol the trend line or annotation is gone.

You can link again and the trendline or annotation will again display.

Is it possible that trendlines and annotations are being stored in two different places for linked and un-linked charts?

I expected it to show once drawn no matter if the chart was linked or not.

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All my charts were annotated with "Annotations Unique per Chart" checkbox in the last section (Miscellaneous) checked.  When  I  check the "Annotations Unique per Chart"  all my original annotations disappear.  Is there some way, on a one time basis,  to get them converted to the charts so I do not have to manually re-due all the annotations?

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