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Request to Add "View..." to Right Click on Charts (like QT)



Hi Jerry,


Please add to Right Click on Chart: "View..." / Hide Indicators
                                                                      / Show Bottom Charts
                                                                      / Show Pre/After Market

I use these almost every day in QT and really "need" them readily accessible.  :P

Also, is it possible to add a "Clear Lines" menu  (like QT) soon?



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The UI works a bit differently in MT. We have the stuff in the ribbon.  You can show/hide the ribbon, make it minimized, or you can also configure items that you use most often to show up in the QAT - Quick Access Toolbar - the icons on the caption. If you see a button on the ribbon that you want accessible even when the ribbon is not, you can right click on that button or control and select to "Add to Quick Access Toolbar"


Show Bottom Charts - that is not really the same thing in MT since you can you can have indicators above the main chart as well as below. 

Extended hours settings are on the VIEW tab


As for showing/hiding indicators, will have to think where to put that..

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OK, got it. Thanks!


Hopefully the "Showing/Hiding Indicators" will be able to be configured to show up in the QAT.


Also, FYI, from QT's "Clear Lines" menu, I especially appreciate the "Hide Shapes" option, since multiple Fib Retracements can really muddy up the charts.

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