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I'm completly new with the platform, I downloaded it just today.

Could you explain to me what is symboldata.volume and the difference with symboldata.volume24?

And where can I find the documention about this please?


Thanks in adavance.

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SymbolData.Volume is the usual daily volume you would see for stocks, futures, etc. 

SymbolData.Volume24 is only relevant for Crypto Currencies. It is the rolling 24 hour volume. Nobody else uses that.

As for docs, you can hit F1 in MT on any screen to get help on that screen, or to search for help for any part of MT.

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Thanks for your answer and the quick answer :)

I already find the help documentation ,but I didn't find anything about symboldata for example.

For example that I don't know it's if SymbolData.ChangeFromOpen return an absolute value or % value.

Could you tell me please where I can find explanation about the variable or function used by the program?


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