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I meet many problem with order.

1/ I have an current buy position and I try to close it from DOM, and I have this error (if I did from TWS I don't have the error).


2/ then I set up to have ability to open order from the chart (picture below) but doesn't work.


3/ How is possible to see order and line stop or target on the chart and have ability to move them please?

4/ With the DOM is it possible to center it automaticaly (not with click on the target icon) on the price.

5/How can I create a braket order directly from the chart or DOM or level2 please?


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1) would be great if you could translate those :).  but I think that is some API setting in TWS that you can change to adjust for some validation. 

2) did you enable chart trading on the chart? What problem?

3) once you enable the trading on charts (on TRADING tab), any order you place will be visible on the chart and you will be able to easily move it right on the chart

4) DOM will automatically scroll to the current price if the mouse is not over the DOM window. Otherwise, double clicking on the center price column will quickly scroll it. in general youd on't want 

5) Level II does not currently support conditional orders. On DOM or CHART though, you can select the bracket order type first, then click on the first then 2nd price and then send.

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order again.

If I click right in the chart and I chose DOM for ... and I open an order the qty is ok and the amount is 1500, but:

1/ I chose OTA but it send only the market order and not my SL.
2/ If I change the stock in the DOM, the DOM kept the old qty and because of that the amount is wrong, is not 1500.



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#1 - on the DOM, on the main tab, you have the price increment set to be smaller than 0,01.  From the looks of it, you have it at 0,0001.  The problem is that the symbol only trades in 0,01 increments. So when you sent an order for 3,9305, you got the error because the price does not meet the requirements.  for US stocks over 1,00  you really should not use smaller than 0.01 increment.

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stting are this




You can see on chart is OTA

bracket below and high are 5 %

if I open a buy market system send a market for buy (fine) but a tp and not a SL as before!!!!

Really I like your soft, but it become really tiering for me so many things doesn't work properly, fortunaly you are wonderfull.

Thanks for your job.


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