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I set up in the general setting the time frame as us equity ext trading hour and I did also in view then timeframe but:

1/If I close the platform an I open it later the chart are witout pre market candle.
2/ If I change the symbol in a chart where the pre market is dsiplay, it desappear.


How can i keep pre market in all my chart please?


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what I mean is, on the chart/VIEW tab, is it set to show extended hours?

answer: no

It seems you don't understand that I say.

1/there are pre market data

But your charts lose the setting of ext hour.

For example:
In a chart I have a symbol A, I go in view, and I chose us equity ext. hour, then I have the premarket, but if I change the symbol to B, premarket and setting desappear.

2nd In all of other chart, I set up view, us equity ext.hour, I don't change the symbol during the sesion, I have premarket. That Fine. But if I close the MT and re open it, premarket and setting have desappear.

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as far as MT losing the setting that you change manually for the Extended hours on the VIEW tab, I have not been able to recreate.

My default is "During Ext. Hours". on AAPL chart I change to CURRENT DAY. Then, type GOOG on the chart to switch. GOOG shows, and "CURRENT DAY" setting remains.

I now type AAPL again. Switches, I type a new symbol, chart switches to AAPL and CURRENT DAY still there.

Does that work for you? if you are switching some other way that causes an issue, let me know pleas.e

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