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Hmm, please note - the email I sent you - bounced. I will send you a msg here with bounce details. As for my response, I copied it below:

I checked the log for the Level II stuff – I see MT subscribing to the quotes correctly and no error response from IB.  Do you have Level II windows open in TWS? If so, that could be the reason for the issue – IB limits how many subscriptions you can have for Level II at a time to 3 by default, and that includes both API (MT) and in TWS., And even a single TWS Level II window can actually use 3.


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ok, guess will have to get a more detailed log.

1) please make sure TWS is updated to the latest version

2) in MT, save your layout so you can restore it later (FILE/SAVE LAYOUT), then close everything except the Level II window. and RESTART MT.

3) after restart, set the logging level to 200 on bottom right of the main dashboard window.

4) try to get Level II data on some symbol (change symbols on the Level II window a few times)

5) send me the log again: Go to FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio)

after that, switch log level back to 10 and restore your layout.  

Also, please resolve the email issue - we need to be able to communicate other than here 🙂

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ok, I see. here is what we get from IB:

Les donn�es de march� demand�es n�cessitent une souscription suppl�mentaire pour les connexions API. Pour plus de d�tails, veuillez consulter le lien de la bo�tre de dialogue ��Connexions aux donn�es de march頻.Les donn�es de march� en diff�r� ne sont pas disponibles.MSFT NASDAQ.NMS/DEEP

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