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How ot works

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I didn't realy understand how the scanner work.

I launched a scan and in Main I choose my list as below


Is it mean the sacn try to find oportunity in this list? or do something else.

If it doesn't find any stock, it continue like a loop or it stop when it scanned the list?

Thanks again for your job and reactivity :)

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the portfolio has a list of symbols and MT is getting quotes from IB  on those symbols (per the MAIN tab in your picture)

Now on the scanner, you select a scan and start it. MT will apply the logic defined in the scan to every symbol in the portfolio and show you the results. If you have scanner set to FILTER, then it will hide the symbols that do not meet the criteria in the scan. If you dont have it set to filter, MT will add Scan Result column and show you the result from the scan for the symbols that do meet the criteria 

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