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Multi-line L1 quote



First, thanks for all the great work you have done so far with MT. 


I use Stockwatch data feed, which provides separate L1 quotes for each market centre (ATS).

Can MT show this instead of a single line for Bid/Ask, perhaps using a modified L2 window?


See below for what I mean:





This may not seem important for a highly-liquid stock like the one above, but for lower-liquidity names it is crucial to know where the bids and offers are situated, even within the first quote tier.



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We do not have current plans to do that. That specific feature is very specific to Stockwatch and Level II is really a more appropriate place for this. If you subscribe to ATS on Stockwatch and select to show ATS in the MT settings, MT will show the consolidated quotes and consolidated raw data (T&S)

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