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Hi sorry to say that again, but I'm becoming very tiering with this PF.

My seeting are this:


If I try to open an order again volume is completly wrong and it worked yesterday.


It seems from a day to an other the setting are lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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portfolio is not automatically updated. that is why I asked if you have QTY specified on portfolio editor explicitly.  I tied but could not get it to happen except  with that. How do you get it to happen? if you change symbol on chart, what does QTY show on the toolbar?

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I think for go rapidly:

I want when I open an order directly on the chart by ctrl B open a buy market with a SL at 5% below for an amount at 1500$, and that for all the time nnot only for today and have to do again for the next day.

Tell me what I have to do and what I haven't to do.

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i thought i was able to recreate the situation, but was wrong. No idea how you got the 1000 if you have it set as you described. NOTE however that with "nearest 500" setting, the minimum is 500. So at best, you would have a transaction worth 6775 with those settings.

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