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IB's subscription hell again. if you want, send me log and I will get the exact message they are returning. note - for historical, don't really need IB - can change the source to Yahoo for example for "Hist. Backfill" globally (on dashboard) or just for this backfill by clicking on the dropdown on the backfill button on the toolbar and selecting "Backfill Using..."

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yes, but historical backfill has nothing to do with that. MT backfills historical chart up to current day with the backfill source. Then, the current day's candle is updated by MT using whatever data it has from the real-time quotes, the data you see on portfolios for OPEN, HIGH, LOW and LAST. So as long as you are getting quotes on the same symbol or also have an intraday chart open, the historical chart will be real-time

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this is what I see in your log for the ACB historical data request:

Vous n'êtes pas abonné à ces données de marché.
Message d'erreur Service Données de Marché Historiques:No market data permissions for ARCA, BATS, BEX, BYX, CHX, DRCTEDGE, EDGEA, IEX, ISLAND, NYSENAT, PSX STK

See what I mean about subscription hell?

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Sorry I'm back with the same problem and I don't understand your answer.

I have intraday chart and I want realtime dayli chart (It works with a large part of symbol).

What is the problem, and could you fix it please (and order on the chart too please).

Thanks :)


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my guess is - IB  backfill request is failing for historical backfill. In the past we saw it where intraday stuff works but historical returns something about not having subscription. you can send us the log and we can check. If that is the only issue, you can just change the historical backfill source to Yahoo or Webull. for historical, those would be fine.

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