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Chart with multiple symbols added together


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Any way to make a chart using multiple symbols added together to create your own personal chart?  Also, if the price axis could be made into a percentage change of each symbol added together?

Would be great to compare when trading ES.


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if you mean have multiple symbols shown on the chart, sure. Just open 1 chart. type the 2nd symbol and instead of hitting OK just click COMPARE SYMBOL button (or add "Compare Symbol" indicator to the chart). when you have 2 or more symbols on the chart, MT shows % on the Y axis by default. You can move the Anchor point which is used as a starting point for the symbol comparison.

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you can create a portfolio with those symbols. (NOT a watchlist). Specify 100 shares each. Then MT will show a total row on the portfolio. You can then open the chart for the total row and it will do what you are looking for. NOTE: cannot backfill. so have to leave the portfolio open, getting quotes.

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