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Settings for Chart Filled Transactions

Donald Q.


Would it be possible to implement the following?

[BUG]: Buy order arrow should go UP; Sell order arrow should go DOWN
[FEATURE]: Option to use Dot instead of Arrow?

Also, curious if anyone in the community has created a color theme that allows the order arrows to stand out? I'm thinking moving the candles to more of a pastel and then keeping the order arrows/dots bright.


Thank you!


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I just used the software 😁.

  • For longs, the arrows start pointed in the correct direction. However, if the closing order is a LIMIT, then the arrows paint reversed, whereas they paint correctly if the closing order is a MARKET.
  • For shorts, the arrows are always reversed.

Making the indicator a dot/circle could possibly eliminate complex logic, then it's just a matter of color coding, which is always correct in my testing. Also...

[FEATURE]: Place the filled order indicator horizontally centered on the candle

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