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Data missing


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as you can see 1 of my order have been taken at 4.82 at 16:15


Here, with you platform, you can see the low of the 16:15 candle is at 4.8601 (even the previous candle low is 4.84).


Here, it's the chart from IB and you can see that the candle is correct, the low is 4:80


This show that your charts are not correct and don't display the reality of the market.

And you can also see the next candles are completely wrong and missing on your chart.

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from the looks of it, there was an interruption in the data at that point. IB chart basically does a "Backfill" every time you open it. In MT, you can do that too - clear data and then backfill, but since IB is max 10 days, I would suggest just clearing today's data not all (one of the options on the clear button on the chart)

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The pictures are from friday during the market, sorry but when I look the market I use the chart, and I never, sorry for this, refresh my chart during the market, may be I should be, but take a few time :)


Sorry but I don't have something against you and I don't try to do something or I don't know what, If I say this, it's because it's something I met with the platform, not because I like to write on the forum.

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