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Suggestion to Move DOM re-center button away from # of contracts selector

Doug Hayman


Hi Jerry,

No personal harm done today, but this is the 2nd time I've done this.  I recognize that you auto-center price on the DOM in a slow fashion to avoid whipsaw re-centering, but in a fast moving market, it is sometimes necessary to manually re-center price on the DOM.

That said, when I manually tried to center price on DOM, I inadvertently pressed "11 contracts" by accident, which is way more than I trade with.  Fortunately I caught the error before my trade was executed.

Suggesting that a setting option be made to keep the re-center button where it is (for those that like it there), but also have option to move it to the center of the Grey areas on both sides of the DOM on outside border, which is where we would want prices center, and which isn't used for any mouse click action currently.

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