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Questrade vs IB for API


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I have accounts with both Questrade and Interactive Brokers. I'm looking for thoughts, or more of a confirmnation, that the IB API works better with Medved and is also better supported than the Questrade API.

Questrade issues - On Medved, I enter a GTC stop order for a US market stock, and the next day when I check the stock, the order does not show up - but it does show up in the Questrade software. The Questrade trailing stop order are also not working correctly in the API (they do work in the Questrade software) - already discussed on this forum. It seems I also need to refresh the account often to get correct values - this scared the hell out of me since mistakes will cost me large $$.

So, any comments? I am seriously considering moving my funds to IB just based on the quality of the API to Medved Trader. How stable and accurate and reliable is the IB API to Medved?

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Yes, I learned this by mistake, thanks for confirming. Inside a registered plan (LIRA, RRSP) - there's no tax paid on capital or dividens on US stocks, so not many reasons to stay away from the US market for a registered plan other than any other regs. So I'll trade the US market.

Are there any issues/quirks I should look out for with the IB API?



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